Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Memorial Society?

    memorial society is a group of like-minded people from all walks of life who have come together by way of a paid membership in the Society. This membership enables the member access to simplified packages of services from local Service Providers (funeral homes).
Advantages of Joining a Memorial Society

    The MSRDD has a contract with many Service Providers in Central Alberta to provide simplified packages of services to members of the Society. One of the most important benefits is the peace of mind you may gain from knowing that by putting your affairs in order now, many important decisions have been made at a time when your family is not in the emotional state of bereavement.
How Do I Join the Society?

    Complete a “Designation Form” (available from our office or on our website) and return to us with your membership fee. The cost is a nominal annual fee of $25.00. A copy of your form will be sent to you as well as the Service Provider of your choice. (See list of Service Providers on the back of this brochure.) Upon the death of a member, an additional $30.00 records fee will be collected by the Service Provider and forwarded to the Society. For more information, please contact us (see cover). Membership in the Society will not be accepted without a signed, completed Designation Form. This form must be on file with the Service Provider 30 days for the membership to be valid.
Is Membership Transferable?

    Yes and no. A membership cannot be transferred to another person. It is, however, transferable to other similar societies throughout Canada. A nominal fee may be charged by the receiving society to cover the cost of transfer.

    Please click here for a list of Canadian memorial societies.
Do I Have to Prepay for Funeral Services?

    No. We do not market prepaid services; however, pre-payment may be arranged directly with the funeral service provider in order to lock in currently-priced funeral plans.
What Happens if Death Occurs Away from Home?

    There are insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage specific to funeral costs. Ask your local funeral service provider or check the yellow pages.
What is the Difference Between a Membership Fee and a Records Administration Fee?

    A membership fee is paid before death to enroll as a member with MSRDD.
    A records administration fee is paid after death and is collected by the funeral service provider on behalf of MSRDD so that we can update our records.
What are the Benefits of Membership with MSRDD?

    (1) Economy – The Board of Directors negotiates economically packaged plans for our members.
    (2) Lower stress level for survivors, who will know exactly what your wishes are, avoiding disagreements.
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